I'm updating this from my phone. Too lazy to type on the computer. Well Zan is using it anyways. Not much new around here. Ella had her last day of preschool on Friday. (I have a picture I'll post) She has vacation bible school in a week.

I've been busy trying to pack up stuff. There's a fine line between packing stuff you don't need and accidently packing something you do need. There isn't too much left to pack though.

Sam has been doing well. He likes to play in the empty kitchen cabinets. His favorite thing are my measuring cups. I'll post pictures soon.


Grandma and Grandpa said...

I bet you guys have been busy. You should feel like you have to post pictures all the time, it is nice to see them but notes are nice also. When Ryan was a little over 1yr old he was into the cabinets also we have a picture of him in them but I don't think they were empty. Will be glad to hear about Ells's vacation bible school(that just great she gets to go). Talk more later.

Grandma and Grandpa said...

Big MISTAKE. I should have said you shouldn't have feel like you have to post pictures all the time.

SORRRRY about that.

Auntie Jill and Uncle Bob said...

Glad to have the update. Like Grandpa says, you don't have to always post pictures...but they sure are nice. Packing...what a thankless job. Your new home will be so awesome. Can't wait to see it. Enjoy Sammy liking the pots to play in. When he turns 16 it will probably be $400.00 iPods, Cell phones and computers. This is a much less expensive time. Ella and Shannon's b'day coming soon. Can't believe my pumpkin is done with her 1st year of school. Time goes to fast.

Auntie Jill and Uncle Bob