Easter Fun (lots of photos)

We went to grandma and grandpa's for Easter. The kids had a really great time. We are still eating the candy that the Easter bunny left for them.

There hasn't been much going on around here. Still trying to sell the house. We've had quite a number of showings. We have at least a couple/few per week. Just got a call for one tomorrow night and we had one Saturday night. It keeps me hopeful. Just itching to start building.

Here are some pictures from basket and egg hunting:

Sam's first egg. (He's saying, "please remind me to thank aunt Jill for your bright flash mommy!)

What's this??? Mmmmmm......peep.......

Mr. Bunny counting the eggs with Ella...

We later went outside to play. It was pretty chilly, but the kids didn't seem to notice.

One of my favorites!!

First sign of spring.


Auntie Jill and Uncle Bob said...

Thank you for the updates. I was beginning to wonder about the "Swanson" family. The pictures of the kids are so cute. Love Sammy's expressions as he discovers new things. I liked the Easter Bunny with the baseball hat and bunny ears. He looked so cute. I remember when the "Easter Bunny" was Ella and Sammy's age. He was cute too. Loved the picture of Grandma and Sammy in the back yard. Mommy is getting to be quite the photographer. Ella is such a beautiful little girl. I'm so happy they are my niece and nephew.

Grandma and Grandpa said...

Enjoyed the pictures. It was nice to see that Sam enjoyed the peeps as much as Ella does. It was fun watching them look for eggs and Easter baskets. We enjoyed your visit. Thanks for sharing the great pictures.