Smile like you mean it

Ever have a hard time getting the kids to crack a smile? Not these days with Sam around. He hears the click of the camera and flashes his biggest grin possible. It's too funny. No matter what he's doing all you have to do is tell him to smile and he does. Such a ham.

These days he has an extra tooth to smile with too. After about 6 months he finally got his 7th tooth. It's just a bottom, but with all the food he's been eating for so long it sure is nice to have some extra teeth!


Grandma and Grandpa said...

Those are real cute pictures. Love that Sammy smile and the way he holds his head when he is looking up. Ella looks real cute too. Sammy must like to sit in the dump truck (that is funny). Sam is really eating a lot these days, must go along with being a growing boy. I think Ella likes her picture taken also, but that smile of Sammy's is just.....well lets say words cannot describe it (we love it).

Auntie Jill and Uncle Bob said...

I agree with Grandma and Grandpa about Sammy's smile...it is undescribeable. As is Ella's. They have to be the best dressed kids I've seen. They look like "Gap" kids. They could be on their commercial. Keep the pictures coming...we, too, love it.
Auntie Jill and Uncle Bob