My 100th Post

If you had asked me a year ago if I would have a blog I would have said no. I am now on my 100th post of my blog. Funny huh? Although I don't really use this as a sounding board for my many thoughts; instead it's more of a family album of goings on. It's been quite a ride. I couldn't think of anything great for my 100th post, but I do have some cute pictures from the past few days that I thought I would post instead. Since you just want to see pictures of the kids anyways!

We went and picked pumpkins last weekend. The crop wasn't that great, but we found a few keepers. Here's our scarecrow...

Here's Sam sitting on his doggy. Like his cute race car sweater?

Ella had her Play Doh table out and Sam thought it would be fun to stand on. He would stand up and then stand there totally still until I came and got him. Then repeat...

These are the drawers that he always tries to open. He manages to get them open part way then pulls out anything he can. I like this picture because he's standing so cute looking at them as if willing them to open.

When he gets thirsty he goes over to the fridge and tries to pull the door open to get his cup. He learned this one pretty quickly. He will even get Ella to open it for him too.


Aunt Jill and Uncle Bob said...

You have done an awesome job on your blog. It's so great to keep up on the kids and their ever changing looks. Very glad to hear Sammy's physical was good. I think you are fibbing when you say he gets in trouble. He's to adorable...a lot like his aunt. Love the picture of Ella reading Sammy his book. Also, like Sammy concentrating on the kitchen cabinets. It looks like he is in a hypnotic trance.
Drove in snow today. Winter is here. Hope the kids have their winter parkas ready.
Auntie Jill and Uncle Bob

Grandma and Grandpa said...

The 100th post and all have been interesting. Like the pictures. Ella in the pumpkin patch and Sammy on dog. He did look like he was willing the drawers to open or just waiting for you to say "no Sammy". That is a cute story of him climbing on the play doh work table and not daring to move (at his size that most likely seemed like the top of his world for that moment). Again congrats on the
100th blog and keep up the good work.