Labor Day and Preschool

Someone pointed out that I haven't updated from Labor Day yet. I've been planning on it, but it keeps getting pushed to the side. We all had a very nice Labor Day weekend. We didn't do too much around here. On Monday we did go out on the lake for the afternoon. I would have taken some pictures but I thought I forgot my camera. Turns out I did have it...oops. Sammy was just walking all over the place at Nana and Papa's. I did get a little video of him walking here at home.

Ella had a really good first day of preschool. I took a picture before we left. I would have gotten a picture in the classroom, but the kids all started coming in and it got a little hectic. She said that they played and went outside. I asked her if she played with other girls, but apparently she played with other boys in the sand. :) She also said that she missed me and Sam while she was there. It's nice to know that I'm missed....


Auntie Jill and Uncle Bob said...

How rude that someone would point out you hadn't updated your blog...I can not believe that Sammy is walking so well!!!!!!! It's adorable to see him walking. Ella looks so grown up. Can you send me one of these pictures of Ella and her first day of pre-school. I got some cute pictures of Sammy and Ella when they were here. I'm going to get them developed and send you a couple. Why don't you try to get Zan and Vicki to come to Forest City and then you guys could come and stay at the same time. We would have a great time. Ella and Sammy could play in the yard and the rest of us could sit on the deck and drink coffee and wine(or whatever). Maybe all of you will think about it.
Thanks for the update. I will say something to that rude blogger.
Uncle Bob and Auntie Jill

Grandma and Grandpa said...

We enjoyed Ella's preschool photo. She looks so "ready for school". That first day picture is only a one time shot and the one you took is great, you can see by the look on her face she is ready. I am sure she had fun because she is so outgoing and enjoys being around kids her own age. Sammy looks like he is going to be a real "rug burner" (new phrase grandpa just made up for speedy little tykes). I can see that you will be busy chasing him around while Ella is in school. He can really move.