Fuzzies and Caterpillars OR Fuzzy Caterpillars ???

We captured a caterpillar this morning that happened to be walking on our front patio. We frantically found our bug house (thanks Grandma & Grandpa) and put him in there. Then we promptly named him "Elmo". Ella wanted a picture with her new friend. She loves watching him crawl around and fall off the sides.

Notice the fuzzies in the background. We picked these huge dandelions a couple weeks ago and thought it would be fun to watch them turn into fuzzies. They are getting pretty big. I'm glad they are finally turning so I can get them out of my kitchen! I can only handle looking at dead dandelions for so long...

Then the bottom picture is from yesterday. I ran upstairs to get something before we left and when I came down Ella was holding Sam and wanted her picture taken. Very cute!


Grandma & Grandpa said...

Ella looks so cute in all the pictures. She looks excited with her caterpillar and fuzzies. We are happy that she has a home for Elmo to live in. Got a kick out of Ella holding Sammy and waiting for you to take her picture. They do keep you busy. They are lucky kids that they have such a thoughtful mommy and daddy.