Candy Day...er...I Mean Halloween!!!

I dug out all the candy from the pantry. There was only one bag that had been previously opened and only a few pieces missing. I was very good this year! (At least before Halloween.)

We took the kids trick or treating at Zan's work last night. They had a lot of fun. Sam was really getting the hang of this candy thing. If they left the bowl of candy down by him he would just keep putting more and more into his bag. Needless to say we have a ton of candy just from his office.

Since we're going to take the kids out around the neighborhood I've decided to leave a bowl of candy on the front step. The reason is twofold.... First I don't want to be left with bags and bags of candy. Second I don't want the kids to miss out. We shouldn't be gone that long and then we can come back and finish handing it out ourselves.

I haven't gotten a photo of the kids in their costumes yet, but let me tell you they were so cute last night. Sam's costume is so round and looks so cute. Ella's is great. Last night they were just goofing off waiting for Zan to pack up his stuff and Ella fell down on the ground. Sam proceeded to go jump on her and then practically bounced off and landed on the ground. They are pretty spill proof in their costumes. He has a hard time getting up off the ground with his costume and pretty much waddles around in it. Way too cute! I'll get pictures up tonight of them, don't worry.

Here's a picture of them waiting for the pumpkins to warm up before we carved them. (More like Zan and I carved them while they ran around the room telling us to hurry up.) They turned out very nice and I'll try to get a picture of them too.

My temptations!!! Sam is sleeping and Zan and Ella are at swimming lessons. I have been very good about not just digging in. It's been very hard. I can hear the bowls calling me!!!